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Profiles – Creation and Use

Quarq has launched a major upgrade to the free app that pairs with its ShockWiz suspension tuning hardware. You can save profiles of your bike, suspension, terrain and conditions, and automatically add settings, suggestions and a results snapshot.

It’s all stored in the app for later reference. When you return to the same trail, or encounter a type of terrain similar to past rides, you can find the sweet settings faster.

Another cool new feature is the jump timer. How much air did you catch? How many jumps? Which was your longest jump? ShockWiz now tracks all of that.

Automated suspension tuning for mountain bikes. Learn more about ShockWiz.



  • The upgraded app can automatically record baseline air pressure, compression ratio, temperature and tuning style, and a snapshot of the results. Other information can be added manually.
  • Even if you don’t yet have ShockWiz hardware, you can use the free app to track bikes, suspension set-up, terrain and conditions.
  • [Bike renters and demo fleet riders can use the ShockWiz app for future reference.]


  • Bike Description: Bike, Fork, Shock.
  • Results Snapshot: Tuning Score, Confidence, Suggestions, Recommendations and Statistics
  • Jump Statistics: Jump Count, Average Jump, Longest Jump, Total Air Time.
  • Suspension Travel
  • Volume Spacers
  • Rebound, Compression and Compression Switch orientation.
  • Tire Pressure
  • Trail Location
  • Trail Condition
  • Physical Condition
  • Ride Satisfaction



To learn more, watch the ShockWiz video playlist on YouTube and read the Tips & Tricks articles.


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